5 Tips For Throwing The Ultimate Summer Bash

Throwing a summer party doesn’t have to be hard, but it does take a little more than setting out some chips and telling guests to mingle. Celebrate summer with an unforgettable event! Use the following tips to keep your party rocking and your guests happy.

1. Provide Simple Food and Snacks

Summer party food should be light, simple, and easy to eat. It should also be food that can safely be left out for an hour or two during the party. Come up with your own ideas or try some of the following:

  • Make kabobs with strawberries, bananas, pineapple chunks, and other yummy fruits. These colorful snacks will be cool, festive, and simple to eat.
  • Slice up crunchy vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, celery, and broccoli and provide a few yummy dips.
  • Set up a self-serve station for sandwiches. Provide all the trappings and let guests assemble the sandwiches the way they like.
  • Keep things really simple and easy and order a variety of pizzas to share.

2. Stock Up On Lots Of Cool Drinks For Everyone

Summer weather can get really hot—provide plenty of cool drinks to keep everyone energetic and refreshed. It is always a good idea to have some ice and water available. You could also provide cold beers for adults and yummy lemonade for kids.

3. Set The Mood

Create a festive mood with the right setting:

  • Put up stands of lights or hanging lanterns in your yard for an evening party.
  • Tie bunches of balloons, bunting, or colorful pennant banners to your fence for a colorful daytime party.
  • Play fun music that is loud enough to help people relax, but isn’t so loud that it interferes with conversation.
  • Use colorful tablecloths and table settings.

4. Make Time For Your Guests

Parties are about spending time with people you enjoy, so make sure to take a break from hosting to socialize with your guests. This is one reason it is helpful to choose simple food. Keep your party as low maintenance as possible so you can spend your time interacting with your friends and family.

5. Provide Fun Entertaining Activities

Keep the party from getting dull by providing fun activities. Rent a bouncy house to keep the little kids happy and busy. If you’re looking for something that will leave adults and kids talking about your party for the rest of the week, you could even rent a dunk tank to liven things.

If you’re looking for something calmer, consider setting up a horseshoe or beanbag toss for teens and older adults. If you think your guests would be interested, you can also set up a few card games or board games so people have plenty of fun things to do.

Throwing the ultimate summer bash doesn’t have to be hard—follow the tips above for an unforgettable summer party!


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