Contactless Curbside Pick-up Special and Sanitation Update




An exciting new offer from Astro Jump!

Looking for activities to keep the kids outdoors and active during this unique time?

We’ve got the solution! Let us help you “make the backyard great again”! Our spring Contactless Curbside promotion offers our most popular Classic Bounce Houses for curbside pick up at our lowest rates ever! Keep your kids and the entire family entertained and active in your own backyard!

$149+GST – 1 day (24hr) rental

$199+GST – Weekend rental (Fri-Mon)

*Subject to availability. Promotion applies to Classic Bounce Houses.

Please see the following link Astro Jump Curbside Pick-Up for more details.

Sanitation Update

Astro Jump is dedicated to the health and safety of all kids (and adults!) that use our equipment. We have taken extra precautions with COVID-19 in mind. Regular cleaning of our equipment includes:

  • Blow out, vacuum and sweep out of any dirt, grass or debris
  • Thorough application of Simple Green Pro 3 – a hospital-grade, non-toxic, biodegradable disinfectant that is used effectively to kill germs and viruses, including viruses similar to COVID-19 (click on link for more info).
  • Wipe-down of unit 3 minutes after Simple Green Pro 3 is applied. This “kill period” allows the disinfectant to act on all bacteria and viruses.

Cleaning is completed before and after each rental by our cleaning crew. The cleaning and sanitation process is completed for each unit at our warehouse prior to delivery.  For quick turnaround times between rentals, the process is completed on site before the start of the next rental.

We maintain strict hygiene practices for our staff and at our storage facility.

With COVID-19 we have doubled-down on our sanitation procedures.

    • We periodically Ozone Blast our equipment as an extra layer of protection to kill 99.999%  of the pathogens in the air.
    • In addition to our regular processes, we also use Lysol Disinfectant Spray or ODO-Ban Disinfectant Spray before and after rentals. The spray allows for complete 360 degree coverage and remains on the surface but does not leave residue.
    • Astro Jump’s new rental policy requires that all participants have socks on while using the equipment.

Check out this short video to see our cleaning process in action!


Thank you from the Astro Jump Team!

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