How to Hit the Dunk Tank Bulls-Eye Every Time

You see your mortal foe approach the dunk tank. He’d been stealing your thunder at every game all day. Finally, you have your chance for redemption. Tension is high and the onlookers wait in anticipation to see if you’ll get your revenge. This is a pivotal moment: will you finally drench your opponent and gain the respect of all party-goers, or will you strike out after an embarrassingly aggressive and intense throw?
Get in the Correct Stance!

Don’t let fate decide. Follow these tips on how to throw a ball and hit the bullseye at every party this summer:
1. Start with the ball at your chest. In your throwing hand, of course.
2. Align your body with the target. Feet and shoulders should make a line with the bulls-eye.
3. Step with the foot opposite of your throwing hand.
4. Rotate your hips first, then shoulders.
5. Whip it good! Use your full arm to get as much extension as possible to give you a whip effect. You should feel like you’re pulling the ball down.
6. Bask in glory. Perfect execution and a perfect throw – that dunk tank bulls-eye didn’t stand a chance! Now’s your chance to offer your opponent a towel or make some other snarky remark to assert your dominance in front of all of your admirers.
Nail the Bulls-Eye!
If you found this guide a little too late and don’t have time to practice, you could probably just find a loyal assistant like April Ludgate to help you hit the bulls-eye when nobody is watching.

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