How to Keep Your Children Healthy

Healthy happy child

Your children were born perfect little angels, but it’s hard work to keep them that way! As they grow up they need guidance to set them on the best path to create healthy habits for life. Here are a few tips to start them on this journey.

Make Sleep a Priority
Everyone could always use a little more sleep. Children especially need to get their full dose of it a day – at least 10 hours. Very young children will also benefit greatly from taking naps. Turn off the TV and brush your teeth to show that you’re going to sleep too, and your kids will follow your example.

Limit Internet/TV Time
Throughout the day, when your child has the most energy to burn, don’t let them spend all their time inside watching TV. Limit their time online and let it be a reward when they’ve finished all their homework or chores.

Cook Delicious Healthy Foods
Children do not naturally grow up associating healthy with “disgusting.” Teach them that fast food isn’t the only delicious food by creating healthy meals at home they can love.

Participate in Fun Exercise as a Family
Telling your child to exercise outside while you sit inside and read a book doesn’t exactly send the right message. Enjoy the day outside with them by taking a bike ride or playing games as a family. Get pedometers for everyone in the family to compare who walks the most in a day. When you make exercise a friendly competition, it is much more fun and there’s more motivation to do it.

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