How to Plan The Best Party Ever

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Planning a party involves organization, preparation and fun– especially when throwing a party for the younger generations in our lives. Most likely, your child will have some fantastic ideas about how their party should go, so make sure they are included in every step of the process. (Plus, this is half the fun!)

Once the two of you have decided on an exciting theme, involve your child in preparing for the party – go shopping, have fun decorating, etc. At the end of the day, you and your child will have accomplished an exciting goal together and you’ll have an awesome party to show for it.

Not sure where to begin on this adventure? Follow these easy Before, During, and After steps to ensure your party (and the parties to come) go off without a hitch.


1-2 months before

  • Develop a theme for the party. Consider favorite books, movies, places, characters, etc.
  • Choose a date and send out invites. (Note: it can be beneficial to ensure your child’s best friend/s will be able to attend.)
  • If the party is going to be at a restaurant, party-space, picnic area etc., be sure to reserve the off-site space.

2-3 weeks before

  • Go shopping for proper decorations, party favors, crafts etc.
  • Arrange for extra party help/assistance if needed.
  • Make mock crafts or activities to ensure they are “doable.”

1-7 days before

  • Buy and prepare all food and beverages, bake the cake, and decorate.
  • Follow up with any guests who have not responded.
  • Prepare music, activities, crafts and plan proper cooking schedule


While the party is underway, don’t forget about the following:

  • Designate a proper place for jackets, boots, shoes, umbrellas etc.
  • Frequently check the ice supply and beverage options.
  • Be sure to provide plenty of garbage bins and make sure they aren’t overflowing.
  • Make frequent rounds during the party to check on food supply, decoration malfunctions and ample seating options. (Don’t forget to stock and monitor the essentials: toilet paper, napkins, serving utensils, cups, etc.)


After the clean up is complete and you’ve had time to reflect on how the party went, take notes on the following to make sure you next party goes just as smoothly.

  • What did people seem to like or not seem to like?
  • What could the party have gone without? What was essential?
  • How did the theme play out?
  • How fitting was the crowd count? Too many people? Not enough?
  • Did you have any ideas during the party that could have made it better?

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