How To Survive A Zombie Radical Run

The undead are experiencing unrest, and it’s only a matter of time before their thirst is too much to bear. This summer is very likely the striking time for the zombies, with all those noisy outdoor activities and meat grilling fests. It’s absolutely essential that you begin preparation right now for the impending zombie apocalypse.

Consider what activities you could be engaged in when the zombie hoards attack. Odds are you’ll be entertaining at a BBQ and probably in the middle of a radical run. You might even be mid-jump in that bouncy house of doom when a zombie lunges out of nowhere for your jugular. Are you prepared to fend off a walker at any given time, under any circumstances?

If the answer is no, you’ve got some shaping up to do.

For starters, get your survival pack in order, and make sure it’s accessible at all times. Some essential items to have in your survival pack include a silent weapon of some kind (don’t want to alert the undead masses to your whereabouts), some sort of makeshift shelter – preferably sound and teeth proof, and some way to find and prepare food and water.

That’s assuming you’re able to escape from the lunging claws of the walking corpses. To ensure you get to use your survival pack, it’s essential that you practice your jump-fighting skills, to make sure you can at least out maneuver a zombie on a bouncy surface.

We suggest you start practicing on a trampoline or invite yourself to as many bouncy house or radical run events as possible. Remember, you don’t just have to outrun the zombies, but your survival competitors as well. On the plus side, you only have to beat the next slowest person to survive! So get yourself into training mode to make sure you’re not the last one still bouncing in the great wide open when those zombies start their own radical run of ruin.

Why not rent your own radical run course and practice as much as possible? Remember, the zombies are coming to eat you, but there’s no reason for you not to determine the outcome of the battle.

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